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The US Carrom Association was formed in 1995 to promote the international sport of carrom in America. The goal of the USCA is to create a thriving carrom community in the US and to ensure US participation in the many international carrom tournaments and events organized by the International Carrom Federation or other National Carrom Associations around the world.

What the USCA does:

  • Promote awareness about the game of carrom through media coverage, demonstrations, and other promotional activities.
  • Build a network and membership of carrom players, officials, sponsors and fans.
  • Host an annual National Championship Tournament.
  • Help organize and promote regional carrom tournaments and events around the country.
  • Help start and foster carrom clubs and local leagues.
  • Maintain a national ranking list.
  • Represent the United States at ICF Board of Management meetings and other international functions.
  • Support a US Carrom Team to participate in ICF Tournaments and other competitive carrom activities around the world.
  • Publish web site to provide global access to a centralized store of carrom information and services.

What you can do:

  • Become a member of the USCA and take advantage of some great member benefits while you help support our efforts.
  • Participate in a USCA Tournament and have fun playing carrom while learning the fine points of the game and meeting other players.
  • Start a club or carrom league in your area.
  • >Register at the website, and join the mailing list.

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