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USCA Invitational Report
Sep 04, 2007

Saravanan Chandrabau of Cleveland, OH, the winner of the USCA Western Championship in Las Vegas, NV, defeated Subba Rao Matta of India, the USCA Eastern Champion, in the USCA Invitational Carrom Tournament held in Valley Forge, PA, August 4-5. This third and final competition of the summer season was held at the Valley Forge Convention Center and was hosted by former World and National Nine-Ball Champion, Allen Hopkins. The last of the 2007 ESPN Star Sports (ESS) World Series of Carrom (WSC) Satellite Events featured sixteen players in open singles and eight players in the WSC event. Nitin Patwardhan of NJ won the WSC event, a surprising upset since he placed tenth in the Swiss Round Robin (SRR) singles qualifier, and Sarita Suman of MD took the first place in Singles Group B.   read entire article >

Report on WSC Spring Tournaments
Jul 18, 2007

The US Carrom Association held two three-day carrom tournaments, both billed as World Series of Carrom (WSC) satellite events, at billiards championships sponsored by the American Pool Association (APA) and the American Cue Sports Alliance (ACS). The USCA Eastern Open Championship took place at an APA tournament in Valley Forge, PA, where twenty-four players demonstrate their skills before several thousand playing pool. The second event, the USCA Western Open Championship, coincided with the American CueSports Alliance (ACS) National Championship in Las Vegas, and drew sixteen top ranked players. Both tournaments featured very strong fields, with a white slam scored in the finals, making them the most competitive events in recent memory.   read entire article >

Saravanan Chandrababu wins USCA Western Open
Jun 27, 2007

Newcomer Saravanan Chandrababu beat reigning US #1, Sekhar Challa, in two straight games during the finals at the USCA Western Open Championship in Las Vegas on June 17. Babu, who made the tournament's only white slam in the doubles semi-finals, scored one nil game against Sekhar and scored heavily in the second and final game. Exhibiting a consistency and solid technique throughout the tournament, Babu proved he is a new force to be reckoned with on the US carrom scene, one that promises to raise the standard of play in scheduled events throughout 2007/2008.   read entire article >

March 3, 2015
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